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Why to Prune Trees

Trees need to be pruned or trimmed to keep them healthy. Too many branches can overcrowd a tree and cause it to suffer. As part of pruning, The Wood Doctor Tree Service will remove any dead or damaged branches to keep the whole tree healthy and avoid any pest problems.

When to Trim Them

The Wood Doctor Tree Service trims trees according to when it is best for the trees. The timing depends on the type of tree and the desired results. In Gainesville, Florida, we prune flowering trees in the winter or after the tree has bloomed. Mainly, we do not prune in the growing season.

Customer Review

“The Wood Doctor Tree Service made quick work of the giant tree trimming mess I made in my yard! They made my appointment with in a few days, got the job done quickly and were very courteous and professional I will definitely use their services again!!!” — Barbara L.

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